.Hashtag Analytics.

Le Nomad’s system enables you to track hashtag-related data, information and analytics as well as generate detailed reports relative to hashtags both from Instagram and Twitter.






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We offer


  • Custom hashtag integration
  • Real-time hashtag monitoring
  • Access to dashboard from anywhere
  • Follow how often a hashtag is used in posts
  • See who uses the hashtag in their posts including which individuals and organizations have the most followers


  • Use our system to follow the activity surrounding your hashtag campaigns such as: total posts, average posts per user, engagement rate and total potential impressions
  • Tweak your social campaigns and track the impact of your adjustments on-the-fly
  • Add custom features
  • Assign one or more project managers to your campaigns
  • Obtain live support via our remote assistance service


  • Fine-tune your reporting requirements by selecting parameters such as: dates, gender, age, language, presence of pictures/videos and location
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Geolocation functionality
  • Demographic detailing
  • Custom leaderboard to compare performances


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